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7 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards 2016 for PrimaLuna

              In the latest issue of The Absolute Sound magazine you find the complete list of Editors’ Choice Awards 2016! We are happy & proud to receive 7 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016! Since the … Lees verder

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PrimaLuna features in TAS Illustrated History of High-End Audio Volume Two.

Recently, the American publisher The Absolute Sound, released the 2nd book in the series Illustrated History Of High-End Audio. The first book highlights people and brands that played an important role in everything related to the development of loudspeakers. The … Lees verder

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The Absolute Sound magazine 2015 EDITORS’ CHOICE: PREAMPLIFIERS

The Absolute magazine have released their 2015 Editors’ Choice Awards in the category PREAMPLIFIER. We are happy & proud that “The Absolute Sound magazine” awarded the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Three amplifier & Mystere CA 21 amplifier & Conrad Johnson ET3 … Lees verder

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Stereophile magazine recommends CLASS A M2Tech Young DSD

Stereophile magazine has listed the M2Tech Young DSD as a CLASS A component in the catergory “digital processors.”         This is what Sterophile magazine concluded: “Elegant and modern in appearance, the M2Tech Young is a DC-powered D/A … Lees verder

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