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Playback Designs Merlot DAC and Syrah Music Server: “Simply Intoxicating”

    Recently, Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound magazine has extensively tested the Merlot DAC and the Syrah Music Server of Playback Designs! “As this listening evaluation drew to a close, I was left with the sense that the … Lees verder

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Copland DAC 215. “Highly Recommended” door What

  Ole Muller, de man achter Copland, maakt al vele jaren heel bijzondere geluidsapparatuur. Ole ontwerpt buizenversterkers, maar ook transistorversterkers en combinaties hiervan. Zijn ontwerpen zijn puristisch, prachtig gebouwd en klinken fantastisch. De laatste creactie van Ole Muller is de … Lees verder

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Copland Audio DAC 215 vanaf 23 juli 2016 in de BeNeLux verkrijgbaar!

Nu in de BeNeLux verkrijgbaar! Copland DAC 215 UNIVERSAL HIGH RESOLUTION DAC, PRE-AMPLIFIER, HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER. Een heel nieuw product van Copland is altijd weer een feest! Ole Muller maakt geweldig klinkende apparatuur en neemt de tijd om zijn ontwerpen helemaal … Lees verder

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The hiFace DAC: What It Is and What It’s Not

Martco reports: “Some confusion has risen around the new hiFace DAC. Maybe due to the small size, recalling some competitors’ similar products with different features, and an unfortunate sentence in the introducing text on our website, immediately mirrored on many … Lees verder

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M2Tech HiFace DAC: Bring Good Music Everywhere

Su, a reviewer of Earmass is publishing a review of the M2Tech hiFace Dac. His conclusion: “So in conclusion, is M2Tech HiFace worth to buy or not? Then I will have to ask you is size is really all that matter … Lees verder

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M2Tech user feedback on using Joplin and Young as a complete recording/playback station

Marco Manunta reports: “I’d like to share with you this e-mail from a user from USA who owns both Joplin and Young and uses them to rip and reproduce vinyl”.

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Marco Manunta -M2Tech- expressing himself more than ever …

Marco writes us about a new, a very new thing. He thinks it’s a new crisis burner. Well, that’s a good thing! For him, for us, for everybody interested. Let’s listen to him!

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