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Beat Blue Monday January 20, 2014. Beat The Rats!

At the End of shitty year 2013 I promised you that 2014 was going to be the BEST YEAR EVER and that every day we were going to give you some Good News on this blog. Till now, every day … Lees verder

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An interview by Rene van Es: Stein Music Ltd., the brainchild of Holger Stein

René van Es was visiting for us in Münich a number of manufacturers to talk about their past, present and future. Not every manufacturer was visited and interviewed, but at least the result is 3 great reports. Rene describes his … Lees verder

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Interview met Steinmusic Ltd., brainchild van Holger Stein door René van Es

René van Es was voor ons aanwezig in München om met een aantal fabrikanten te praten over hun verleden, heden en toekomst. Niet iedere fabrikant uit ons leveringsprogramma werd gesproken, maar in ieder geval hebben we er 3 leuke verslagen … Lees verder

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