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Audia Flight Three CD Player

The Audia Flight CD Three is a reference compact disk player that place you in the midst of the musical performance with resolution, realism and pure passion. It’s done using exactly the same circuitation of his brother, the CD Two. … Lees verder

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Stereophile magazine recommends Audio Research CD9

Audio Research CD9 The CD9 is a top-loading, remote-controlled, tubed CD player with optional on-the-fly upsampling, two digital construction filters, and a full set of digital inputs and outputs. Four 6H30 dual-triode tubes drive the analog section; a fifth 6H30 … Lees verder

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High End Design(ers) – The(ir) Desire To be Perfect …

In the past I just thought that being an architect, a designer was a wonderful and easy job. You have an idea, you go to bed, dream during the night and wake up with the best idea ever. Not! It’s … Lees verder

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Playback Designs MPS-3 CD speler: “Baanbrekend anders” door Werner Ero

Digitaal/analoog converters zijn door de komst van de vele streaming audio toepassingen immens populaire producten geworden. Zo populair, dat je vandaag de dag zelfs bijna geen audioblad meer kunt openslaan zonder een test van één of zelfs meerdere exemplaren. Er … Lees verder

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