Praalder Audio/Video Centers in Den Haag nieuwe dealer PrimaLuna!

Wij zijn trots om U te kunnen melden dat Praalder Audio/Video Centers in Den Haag dealer is geworden van PrimaLuna!

Bij Praalder Audio/Video Centers kunt U terecht voor het beluisteren en vergelijken van verschillende PrimaLuna producten!

Klik op de onderstaande link voor het bezoeken van de website van Praalder Audio/Video Centers.


Theresiastraat 153-157

2593 AG Den Haag

070 – 322 22 73 (optie 1-1)


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Audio Expert in ‘s-Hertogenbosch nieuwe dealer van PrimaLuna!

Wij zijn trots om U te kunnen melden dat Audio Expert uit ’s -Hertogenbosch dealer geworden is van PrimaLuna!

Na drie jaar op rij verkozen te zijn tot beste winkel van Noord-Brabant is Audio Expert onlangs verkozen tot  ‘Hifi Winkel van het Jaar’

In de luxe luisterruimten van Audio Expert kunt U de producten van PrimaLuna beluisteren en vergelijken!

Audioexpert BV

Hinthamerstraat 111-113

5211 MH Den Bosch


Tel: 073 – 6897729



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Copland DAC 215. “Highly Recommended” door What


Copland Audio DAC 215Ole Muller, de man achter Copland, maakt al vele jaren heel bijzondere geluidsapparatuur. Ole ontwerpt buizenversterkers, maar ook transistorversterkers en combinaties hiervan. Zijn ontwerpen zijn puristisch, prachtig gebouwd en klinken fantastisch.

De laatste creactie van Ole Muller is de DAC 215. Naast hoogwaardige d/a converter (dsd) is de 215 ook een zeer fraaie hoofdtelefoonversterker. De Copland DAC 215 is eveneens als lijn-voorversterker (via een analoge ingang) te gebruiken.

What heeft een zeer duidelijke en uitgebreide review over de Copland DAC/hoofdtelefoonversterker 215 gepubliceerd. In de review komt onder andere duidelijk de diversiteit van de DAC 215 naar voren. “Highy Recommended” door What Hifi.

Lees HIER de gehele review!

De DAC 215 is in Nederland te beluisteren bij Dé Hifiwinkel Beek – Ubbergen. Binnenkort zal de DAC 215 ook in België te beluisteren zijn. Wordt vervolgd!

Website Dé Hifiwinkel Beek – Ubbergen:

Website Copland Audio:


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They have finally arrived …The New Franco Serblin Masterpiece. The LIGNEA.

img-20160923-wa0009 After months of patiently waiting we are proud & happy we can announce that the newest creation of The Franco Serblin Studio, The LIGNEA, has arrived in the BeNeLux!

At High-end München 2016 visitors could see and hear The LIGNEA for the first time. Their comments on the new LIGNEA were very promising!

At Durob Audio, we were and still are, very proud that The LIGNEA was presented at High-End München 2016 in combination with our own PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier!

Last Monday, we received the first pair of LIGNEA’S. We carefully opened the cartons and took the new babies out! Touching for real, the details and craftmanship of The LIGNEA is what you expect from Franco Serblin. The same craftmanship you also find with the KTEMA, ACCORDO and other loudspeakers Franco Serblin has been responsible for!  The LIGNEA is more than “special”. The look of the speaker is NEW, and that means indeed DIFFERENT. But extremely BEAUTIFUL.

Since we got the first pictures of the LIGNEA we have posted these on our Facebook page as well as all information much information as possible. Many Likes, many Shares. Now it’s time for real life experiences. We invite you to see, hear and feel the LIGNEA in real-life.

The first pair LIGNEA loudspeakers have been delivered to Dé HifiWinkel Beek – Ubbergen (near Nijmegen).

The manager of Dé HifiWinkel, Rob Wilms, an experienced audiophile for years and proud owner himself of a pair of Franco Serblin Ktema loudspeakers, is ready to demonstrate The Lignea speakers for you!

Please contact Dé HifiWinkel Beek – Ubbergen for more information about The LIGNEA or for a listening session. Email: or call: 024 684 2091.

For more information you can also visit the Franco Serblin website through the link below.

My passion for music, as well as my interest for musical instruments and their materials, have lead my research since the early 80’s.
Lutes and violin, through the use of wood, strings, their forms and harmony of their constitution, have inspired my systems.

Franco Serblin



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New products from Playback Designs! The Merlot Dac & The Syrah Music Server

Sonoma_SyrahFront_1920Today we received TWO new products from PlayBack Designs! The Merlot Dac & The Syrah Music Server.

The Merlot DAC is a state-of-the-art D/A converter with AES/SPDIF/USB/PLink digital inputs that support any sample rate and format up to quad DSD. Its discrete architecture is software upgradeable for future Playback Designs updates. In addition to balanced and unbalanced line-level analog outputs, there’s also a headphone output on the front panel with discrete volume control. An easy-to-use recording software application allows the creation of wave or DFF/DSF files on a computer from digital sources connected to Merlot.

The Syrah Music Server is the companion product to the Merlot DAC. It provides internal storage, but can be connected to external storage and networks. The Syrah supports DLNA streaming, rips CDs automatically from an external drive, and offers extensive metadata capabilities. Able to be controlled via iPad/Android tablets, it supports any file format and native sample rate, and connects to Merlot via USB for native file playback. Also on offer is the “OpBox” modification kit for Oppo players, which allows a direct connection to the Merlot DAC via ST optical cable. This permits digital audio data sourced from any disc (CD, SACD, DVD or Blu-ray) to be transmitted natively via the Oppo’s optical output to Merlot for direct conversion to analog. The conversion is an easy install and can be performed either by a dealer or end user directly.

In the video below the team of Playback Design tell you more about their latest creations!

Next week you can see, feel and listen The Merlot Dac & The Syrah Music Server at Dé Hifiwinkel te Beek – Ubbergen ( near Nijmegen ).


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A Marvel from PrimaLuna by Jeff Dorgay – ToneAudio magazine!

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

In the latest issue ( No 77 ) of ToneAudio magazine Jeff Dorgay has tested our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier for months at his home. After the review Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio & PrimaLuna USA received the following request from Jeff.

Hi Kevin: You know my respect for PrimaLuna goes way back. Back to the first ProLogue Integrated, and in the course of TONE Audio’s 12 year history, we’ve reviewed nearly every model – all great, but you guys have really outdone yourselves with the HP integrated. I’d really like to purchase the review sample to be used as a permanent reference component here. It’s fantastic! This is one of the loveliest integrated amplifiers I’ve had the pleasure to use. Sounds great, looks great, drives any speaker I can throw at it. And knowing that the original ProLogue One I bought from you before I even started TONE is still running daily without any issues, I know this baby will outlive me!

Thanks for sending it my way…

Please click HERE to read the full review of Jeff Dorgay – ToneAudio magazine.

Many thanks to Jeff Dorgay of ToneAudio & Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio.

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How To Use The Evo Phono Dac Two

DXD A/D conversion, DXD and DSD D/A conversion, 32 bits resolution, coaxial S/PDIF inputs, single-ended analog inputs and outputs on gold-plated RCA females, IR remote control with HID capability, external clock input with clock info output, phono EQ in digital domain, input gain 0dB to 62dB, input impedance continuously settable 10 Ohms to 50k Ohms, same form factor of all Evo Two products, can be powered by any 7.5V to 15V power supply, Evo Clock Two and Evo Supply Two recommended.

The Evo PhonoDAC Two is a very high value-for-money digital/analog combo capable of converting analog to digital up to DXD and DXD and DSD to analog.
Its bi-directional USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant port is natively supported (no driver needed) by OSX and Linux. An ASIO-compliant driver for Windows is provided.
High precision, low-jitter clocks allow for exceptional detail resolution, maximizing the 32-bit capability of the ESS Sabre ES9018K2M (D/A) and ES9102S (A/D)conversion IC’s.
The Evo PhonoDAC Two versatile analog input stage allows for setting it’s gain from 0dB to 62dB, allowing for any low-output cartridge to be directly coupled to it, as well as line-level sources like CD players, tuners, tape decks, etc.
Input impedance may be set to any value between 10 Ohms and 50,000 Ohms, accommodating all kind of cources.
The Evo PhonoDAC Two is capable of performing real-time, digital domain phono equalization, using any of the 26 EQ curves provided with it.
Ancillary filters like anti-rumble, anti-hiss and MPX allow for best playback and ripping from warped, scratched or worned records, as well as from cassette tapes or FM and AM broadcast.
The Evo PhonoDAC Two de-jitter feature allows for exceptionally good performance from coaxial and connection.
The Evo PhonoDAC Two uses high quality polypropylene capacitors and a low-noise opamp in the analog sections (input and output) for best sonic results.
The IR remote control allows for accessing all Evo PhonoDAC Two features (volume, balance, muting, input selection and many other menu settings), as well as taking advantage of the HID protocol to control the player on the computer without manually accessing the keyboard.
The Evo PhonoDAC Two can be powered by the stock wall adaptor in budget conscious setups, while better performance can be obtained with a good power supply such as the Evo Supply Two.

From M2Tech we received a manual “How To Use The Phono Dac Two that we like to share with you! Please click HERE to open en read the manual.

If you interested in M2Tech products please contact us at



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