Enjoy The Music: The Best Gear Of 2014: The Franco Serblin Accordo Loudspeaker.

ACCORDOEnjoy The Music has published there 20 favorites reviews/products of the past year! In March 2014 they published a great review of Matej Isak about the Franco Serblin Accordo loudspeaker!

His Conclusion: 

Franco Serblin Accordo Grey is a mastery of high-end audio loudspeaker design. Everything feels refined and matured to the point where you don’t look for the mistakes, but simply enjoy the musical happening. This should always be the ultimate challenge for any loudspeaker manufacturer, that claims his advancement or superiority. The artisans approach, that its expertly executed and noticeable on every step blends with all the musical material, but excel with live, acoustic music. In the times where we’re taking so much things for granted Accordo Grey represent a gift from the legendary loudspeaker designer.

This is an embodiment of his genius that is carried on by his son-in-law Massimiliano. As I wrote before, there couldn’t be a better person to keep the legacy of Franco Serblin alive. Everything with the Accordo Grey two-way monitor loudspeakers feels premium. From the packaging to manuals and the loudspeakers themselves, you’ll be catered with refined execution of every little detail. And it goes the same with the music that Accordo Grey loudspeakers produce. All the little nuances are being posted in such grand way that you never question the Accordo Grey size, but embrace its emotional side. Like state-of-the-art mechanical watches carry on the time with its own authoritative pace, so do Accordo Grey loudspeakers with their lyrically portraits of the musical events. Boldly, and with the character, that resonates with the music. This is the finest aural art for musical reproduction… and a product for true connoisseurs. Highly recommended.

The full review you can read HERE. Durob Audio is very proud to be the distributor for Franco Serblin loudspeakers in the BeNeLux! For listening The Franco Serblin Accordo you can visit Rhapsody High end Audio Sound & Vision in Hilversum & De Hifiwinkel in Beek-Ubbergen. WARNING!!! When you see and hear these speakers you might return to the emotions felt when you met for the first time Franco Serblin’s ORIGINAL Sonus faber products. Even today, it’s still easy to see who created and who is following. Enjoy The Original. Enjoy Serblin.

More information about the Accordo & Ktema loudspeaker you find on the website of Franco Serblin. Click HERE. Or visit the website of Rhapsody or De Hifiwinkel

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2 reacties op Enjoy The Music: The Best Gear Of 2014: The Franco Serblin Accordo Loudspeaker.

  1. Stefan Krawczyk zegt:

    Helemaal mee eens! Ze staan hier te schitteren. Wat een detail, wat een ruimte en wat een pure cristal-heldere en toch warme muziek!

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