Sonus faber’s new Snail Project

Sonus faber was founded in 1980 by a group of audiophiles who decided to dedicate themselves to the design and production of a speaker system of superior musical quality.

franco serblinThe originator of this project was Franco Serblin who suggested combining music with his passion for cabinetmaking.

His love for music and wood brought about the creation of the Snail Project, a revolutionary system of Leonardo Da Vinci – like inspiration. Several other audiophiles then expressed a desire to own one of these systems and so a small number of them were produced.

The new style proved very popular and so it was decided to design a speaker that would have the same construction features as the Snail Project.

Now in 2016 Sonus faber has been inspired again by this project and will re-introduce Franco Serblin’s Snail Project as an All-In-One audiosystem. An early version of the new Franco Serblin Project redesign has been shown to me by the current Sonus faber designer Livio Cucuzza. I trust the final design will not disappoint.

Original Franco Serblin designs are still available to audiophiles worldwide by the company Franco Serblin. His KTEMA and ACCORDO speakers are top level quality audio and cabinet designs and inspired again other designers like it has been before. His son-in-law Massimiliano is now fully responsible of Franco’s heritage and is a true dedicated artist in all what he is doing for Franco’s designs and products. Visit his website here:

PS If you would be seriously interested in an original Sonus faber Snail system (serial number #0001), please let us know.  

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