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Upscale Customer Systems: Brad the Fireman

In the first of a series of videos on customer systems, fireman and longtime Upscale customer, Brad Gharring, lets Upscale in on his audio journey, and yes, he lets Upscale into the fire station as well! Featuring PrimaLuna, Lumin, REL, AudioQuest, and IsoTek.

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Stereophile magazine recommends Dan D’Agostino Momentum monoblock

Dan D’Agostino Momentum monoblock Dan D’Agostino’s statement product, the 300W (450W at actual clipping into 8 ohms) Momentum has a compact chassis (12.5″ W by 5″ H by 21″ D) machined from a single aluminum billet. A large, round power … Lees verder

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Will Pono Be The winner?

Most of you have probably read about Pono, the next Music Player, by Neil Young. If you Google you can find more about it than I can squeeze out of my keyboard. What I am thinking about this, is: Will … Lees verder

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