Introductie van Audio Research DSPre Preamp-Dac — L’introduction du DSPre Preamp-Dac d’Audio Research

Brandon Lauer, Manager of International Sales van Audio Research USA, kondigt middels bijgesloten nieuwsbrief aan dat het programma Van Audio Research uitgebreid is met de DSPre Preamp-Dac. De DSPre zal een advies verkoopprijs krijgen van Euro 7,500.00. Voor meer informatie kunt U het originele -Engelstalige- ARC nieuwsbericht lezen.

Brandon Lauer, Directeur des Ventes Internationales d’Audio Research USA, annonce l’ajout du DSPre Preamp-Dac à la gamme de produits Audio Research. Le DSPre aura un prix public recommandé de 7.500 euros. Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez lire ci-dessous la lettre d’information originale (en anglais) d’ARC.

DATE: October 2011

SUBJECT: Introduction of DSPre Preamp-DAC

The demand for simplicity, flexibility and performance has fueled the integration of multiple components into individual products. It was that demand, and our desire for a DS-series source component, that led to the development of a new Definition Series product, the DSPre Preamp-DAC. Combining the awardwinning DAC8 with a fully balanced active analog preamplifier, the DSPre provides a level of flexibility and sound quality that is startling. And, at its retail price of Euro 7,500.00, the DSPre offers outstanding value.

Like the DAC8, the DSPre offers the following:

  • – Five digital inputs, including USB 2.0HS, AES/EBU, RCA, BNC, and Toslink®, all of which are capable of decoding 24 bit/192k files.
  • Asynchronous USB.
  • Utilizes quad “monoblock DAC” architecture with dual low jitter master crystal oscillators to eliminate decoding and quantization errors, increase the dynamic range, and lower the noise floor.
  • Galvanically-isolated inputs to assure no ground loops.
  • Custom Audio Research installation software drivers assure “Bit perfect” data transfer between server and DSPre at all sample rates.

The DSPre offers some additional options, addressable via the front panel or its remote:

  • Sample rate conversion: For SPDIF inputs it plays back native resolution
  • or upsamples the input signal (44 or 88kHz to 176kHz; 48 or 96kHz to 192kHz). USB upsampling can be performed through the driver software in conjunction with the Mac or PC, as with the DAC8.
  • Digital filter selection: Fast or slow rolloff.

The preamplifier section of the DSPre is all-analog, pure Class-A, with zero feedback. It has 18dB of gain balanced, 12dB single-ended. The DSPre is direct-coupled, fully differential in/out, with servos to maintain zero DC offset at the output for the life of the DSPre. Frequency response is +0/-3dB, 0.2Hz to 200kHz, and S/N ratio is 120dB.

Analog inputs include two pairs of balanced XLR inputs and three pairs of single-ended RCA inputs (one of which is also configurable as a unity-gain processor pass-through). Analog outputs include one pair of RCA Record outputs, one pair of XLR Main outputs, and one pair of RCA Main outputs.

The DSPre is the first Audio Research product to allow full custom integration with the inclusion of an RS232 port that will allow it to be controlled via a Crestron system. There is also an IR input (via mini plug), plus two 12V triggers.

In addition, there is a menu system that allows the user to label each input from a selection of preprogrammed labels, or to create a name for any input using an alpha/numeric menu.

Cosmetically, the DSPre looks most like a DSi200, with two knobs (Volume and Input select) flanking the same vacuum-florescent display used in the DSi200 and LS27. Under the display are seven aluminum buttons for Power, Sample (rate), Menu, Enter, Mono, Invert, and Mute. The standard finish for units with a Natural front panel includes silver handles, knobs, and a silver top cover. A Black front panel, handles, knobs and top cover are available. If black handles are ordered with a Natural front panel (usually to match an older Audio Research component), a black cover will be installed.

Sonically, the DSPre is simply captivating, with a transparent, extended, and relaxed presentation that is unlike other solid-state products—you will know that it came from Audio Research. The sound is spacious and focused, resolving so much information but without any brightness, grain or artifact. We invite you to compare the DSPre to any other preamplifier or DAC at twice the price.

Production has begun and the DSPre is shipping now. This is an important product that breaks new ground for us in its flexibility and its ability to be integrated into most any installation. Place your order soon for timely delivery.

Best regards,

Brandon Lauer – Manager of International Sales Audio Research

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