BRIK AUDIO forum style review from downunder – Part One.

I run into a forum style review from Australia / New Zealand about the BRIK Audio components by a person called “surgeprotector” .. . I thought it was interesting enough to re-post here.

“Oceanic Distribution has kindly loaned me a series of Brik products. Namingly, Brik DAC, Brik Integrated Amp and the Bluetooth Stage”.

“Upon opening, they look like a sleek little package all standing about 2 inches high and 6 inches wide with relatively good construction quality for something at this price point. The whole package is the same size, so it can be neatly stacked up and look good. If you wish, you can get a “shelf unit” to neatly store them on the corner of your desk”.

“The info on these products can be had here and you can buy them from MyAV or the Koolroom”.

“There is relatively very little information on the internal workings of every bit of the equipment … no DAC chip mentioned in the specs, no class A/B/D/T mentioned for the amp etc. I suppose it all doesn’t matter if it sounds good”.

Integrated Amp

“The amp, is most likely a T or a D amp. 20W output capacity, but probably good enough to drive a small desktop with good sensitivity”.

“It is as most integrated amp is, has RCA inputs, an input selector and volume control and is designed to drive passive speakers”.

“I will try it out to drive my RX6 (floor standing high sensitivity speakers), a Wharfedale Diamond 8.0 (bookshelf speakers) and also drive various headphones straight from the rear output”.

BRIK Audio Integrated Amplifier


“The DAC, has a mini USB input, Toslink input and Coaxial digital input. It outputs analogue signal via stereo RCA. Again, very little information on what chip is used, what input receiver chip is used or anything else”.

“I will be trying this thing out to drive the integrated amp, and also feeding into an O2 headphone amp. I will also try it being fed through the USB, Coaxial with and without V-link II”.


Bluetooth Stage

“This is a handy little device that allows you to stream music off your bluetooth device. This little unit has analogue output and digital output. I will try out both … straight to the amp or to the DAC. I will be using it to stream off a Blackberry Bold 9900 phone”.

“Over the next few days, these Brik devices will be listening tested with the above configurations and I will let you guys know what my impressions are”.

BRIK Audio Bluetooth Stage

Over hermanvandendungen

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