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Beat Blue Monday January 20, 2014. Beat The Rats!

At the End of shitty year 2013 I promised you that 2014 was going to be the BEST YEAR EVER and that every day we were going to give you some Good News on this blog. Till now, every day … Lees verder

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An Integrated BRIK In The Wall …

Yesterday I wrote about Dan D’Agostino’s new integrated amplifier. A big, costly machine. Certainly a machine that’s going to please some pleople who can afford it. I also wrote about our own PrimaLuna Integrated Amplifiers. These are all tube based … Lees verder

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BRIK Audio in handen van Jaap Veenstra – Alpha Audio

Jaap heeft een aantal BRIK Audio componenten gekozen om eens mee te spelen. De geïntegreerde versterker, een internet radio, een dacje en een aparte voeding. Alles bij elkaar kost dat nog geen 750 euro. Normaal heb je daar nog niet … Lees verder

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BRIK AUDIO forum style review from downunder – Part Four.

I run into a forum style review from Australia / New Zealand about the BRIK Audio components by a person called “surgeprotector” .. . I thought it was interesting enough to re-post here. “Apologies for taking some time doing this … Lees verder

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