Dan D’Agostino Integrates – Again!

dagostino-logoThe integrated Amplifier has always been -at least for me- one of the most common audio pieces you could think of. The “real” thing was the next level up: a seperate pre- and power amplifier.

Then … Dan D’Agostino, while at Krell, introduces the KAV-300i. A small integrated amplifier. Huh … The big Krell known from the big heavy amps designed an integrated amplifier? Yes, they did and it became one of their most popular products ever. For them and for us. We decided to try and see what the effect would be of introducing this product in our market at the US retail price (excl taxes) and gave the product a lot of attention. And it worked. We ordered this model not in quantities of 5 or 1o units, we ordered by 100 pieces. A first for us, a first for Krell. Once we did this, the other distributors in Europe kind of woke up and the model became popular all over. It became a classic.


It did not only became a classic, it also made the integrated amplifier recognized as a real high-end product. Some even started to argue about the advantages of having the music signal treated without the wired distance between the preamplifier and the poweramplifier. Soon most high end companies were offering a high end integrated amplifier. We at Durob Audio are also responsable for the design, production and distribution of PrimaLuna and Mystère products. We actually always -till now- stárt with an integrated amplifier and from there we “travel” to the seperates. During this CES 2014 we did that again and brought the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier on stage. During 2014 you will hear more about it. Keep an eye on us.

picture "stolen" from absolute sounds uk. thank you

pic “stolen” from absolute sounds uk. thank you

And Dan, during CES 2014, in his new company Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, did it again. He introduced his new … D’Agostino Integrated Amplifier. I have not actually seen the unit. I have seen a picture here and there and it is, as you can expect from Dan, a very impressive machine.

During 2014 you will hear more about it. Keep an eye on us, keep an eye on Dan’s company website. For now you can get the maximum available information from the company’s pre CES 2014 press release which you can download here.

Over hermanvandendungen

Almost 40 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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