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Met toch enigszins gemengde gevoelens, maar wel vol realiteitszin, hebben we besloten afscheid te nemen van het merk KRELL dat wij sedert de oprichting in BeNeLux vertegenwoordigd hebben. Zowel bij Krell als bij Durob als in de markt hebben er … Lees verder

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FULL CES 2015 Report by Hi-Fi + magazine

Hi-Fi + magazine has published their full CES 2015 report. We have made a list that contains products that we are representing in the BeNeLux. Check the list below: Conrad-Johnson Conrad Johnson showed its new MF2275 135 Wpc power amplifier … Lees verder

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Krell S-550i integrated amplifier

With a power output of 275W per channel into 8ohms, rising to 550W into an 4ohm load, the S-550i comes complete with both single-ended and balanced inputs, a dedicated iPod dock and Krell’s Theater Throughput mode, enabling it to be … Lees verder

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They are all the same, but still all a little different!

This sentence I will always remember as the sentence spoken by well-known hifi dealer Walter Nowak, long long time ago. Walter was going out for dinner with 3 girls and while raising my eyebrows and for sure having made a … Lees verder

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