Copland Audio DAC 215 vanaf 23 juli 2016 in de BeNeLux verkrijgbaar!

Copland Audio DAC 215Nu in de BeNeLux verkrijgbaar!


Een heel nieuw product van Copland is altijd weer een feest! Ole Muller maakt geweldig klinkende apparatuur en neemt de tijd om zijn ontwerpen helemaal te laten rijpen voordat ze op de markt komen. Naast hoogwaardige d/a converter (dsd) is de 215 ook een zeer fraaie hoofdtelefoonversterker. De Copland is eveneens als lijn-voorversterker (via een analoge ingang) te gebruiken.

Kortom, de DAC 215 is veelzijdig en de eerste berichten zijn zeer lovend. Copland maakt al vele jaren heel bijzondere geluidsapparatuur. Ole Muller ontwerpt buizenversterkers, maar ook transistorversterkers. Zeer populair is de geintegreerde buizenversterker CTA 405, waar net weer een verder ontwikkelde versie van uit is op basis van KT 120 buizen (de CTA 405 A).

Vanaf aanstaande Zaterdag 23 juli 2016 kunt U bij Dé Hifiwinkel Beek – Ubbergen de Copland Audio DAC 215 zelf beluisteren en ervaren.

Klik HIER om de website van de winkel te bezoeken!

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Calimero M2tech beats Apple’s El Captain



Audio Research being one of the victims of Apple’s El captain reports how Italian Calimero M2tech beats Apple’s El Captain.

From the Service department of Audio Research Corporation we received the following message:

Thank you for your patience as Audio Research worked to find a solution for the DAC8 when used with the latest Apple computers and/or their new operating system, El Capitan. In the past, changes to the Apple operating system have been addressed by software changes in the driver. This is seen in the fact that Audio Research currently has posted four different versions of the Apple driver on our website to support these changes.  However, the new Apple computers and/or El Capitan were such a radical change that it requires new hardware to communicate with the DAC8.  That El Capitan is radically different can be seen in the perspective provided by this audio reviewer as he laments the problems that El Capitan has caused for most manufacturers.  (“Apple Messes Up USB 3.0 Audio Big Time”)              

Please see:

Audio Research does not have new hardware that would allow the DAC8 to communicate with the latest Apple computer and/or El Capitan.  However, all is not lost.  Audio Research has identified an inexpensive USB to SP/DIF converter that will talk with El Capitan and all Apple computers.  It is the M2TECH Hiface 2 USB to SP/DIF converter.  Please see attached photo and see their website for details:  We have tested this product and found the sound to be equal to or better than the sound out of the USB port. 









When inserted into the USB port of an Apple Computer running El Capitan, it will provide audio output to the DAC8 via an RCA or Coaxial digital input on the DAC8.  This product can easily be found and purchased on the internet for less than $200.   

HiFace Two







The Hiface Two and other M2Tech products are available in the BeNeLux through Durob Audio. Contact us HERE 

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M2Tech releases 3 new models! Now available!

M2tech Releases 3 New Models

Desktop and computer based audio is a growing category amongst enthusiasts and one Italian manufacturer, M2tech, based in Italy, has been specialising in this area for some years. To compliment their existing product range they recently announced three new products.

The newly announced Evo Two series is a modular desktop system for high quality computer audio playback. The new series takes its steps from the huge success of the original Evo Series, and according to the manufacturer, “refreshes the look and encompasses a large number of improvements over the predecessors.”

Evo Two is a true Swiss Knife for its extreme versatility. Its USB device interface is USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant and supports ASIO under Windows and Integer Mode under OSX. It is supported natively under OSX and Linux and can be powered by the USB bus or by an external power supply such as the new Evo Supply Two. Its comprehensive outputs set includes S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink™, and I2S in PS Audio standard.

Supported formats include PCM up to 384kHz (on I2S only, up to 192kHz on all other outputs) and DSD up to 128x (on I2S only). The external clock input accepts word clocks as well as master clocks, even asynchronous to the selected sampling rate. Sampling frequency information are sent out by an optical transmitter to the clock generator for automatic clock switching. An auxiliary S/PDIF input allows for sending digital audio data to the computer for recording, as well as for sampling rate conversion through the internal SRC.

An LCD display shows all settings, together with the selected sampling frequency. All settings, as well as HID features, are set by a remote control.

Evo Clock Two is a high precision Word Clock and Master Clock generator, which is perfectly tailored to the hiFace Evo Two, but is reported to work perfectly with other equipment accepting a word clock.

Its internal high stability and low phase noise TCXO’s are routed and divided by a highest precision clock conditioner generally used for digital data transmission over satellite links.

Automatic frequency selection is performed when the Evo Clock Two is connected to the hiFace Evo Two by the dedicated optical link.

An LCD display shows the selected sampling frequency. Manual frequency selection is done by two buttons.

Evo Supply Two is a very low noise 9V power supply dedicated to the Evo Two Series products. It is provided with three outputs which deliver clean current from a low noise, discrete components regulator. Outputs are switched with a relay operated by a button on the front panel.

Overcurrent protection is included on each output.

All units are enclosed in a stylish aluminium case with 2mm brushed front panel, 105x48x100mm.

In the gallery below you find HR pictures of the new models.

The Evo Two series are available in the BeNeLux through Durob Audio. Send an email to for more information.

More information you also find on the website of M2Tech. Click HERE to visit the company website.


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Mystère ia11 integrated amplifier!

ia11“Outstanding Winner. Mystère ia11, again a Mystère winner!”

Mystère ia11 Integrated Amplifier.
At first glance, this amp simply takes your breath away. The proprietary finish? Like deep, rich, black glass. And the fit? Perfect. Everywhere. The snugly secured tube cage. The precisely aligned transformer covers. The fully-vented chassis. The heavy-gauge bottom plate. No expense spared.

Take a look inside‚ we encourage it. Point-to-point wired using premium parts: dual-layer, polypropylene coupling caps; low-noise resistors; high-purity copper conductors and the cleanest build quality you can find.

And sound? Specially-wound power and output transformers deliver the kind of clean juice that makes the amp’s 40W sound like 80. The pentode push-pull design is built around 6SN7 input/driver tubes and EL-34 power tubes that deliver a dynamic presentation. And the ia11’s dual-mono Adaptive AutoBias circuit automatically adjusts each tube to its sweet spot. Want to try different EL34s? Just plug them in!

Topping it off, the ia11 utilizes a 24-step volume attenuator. It’s the type of control found only on the most expensive, five-figure amps‚ perfect for the incredibly rich sound produced by this amazing introductory integrated amp.

Reviewers statements: 

“The ia11 wins Hi-Fi News’ tube amp shoot out!” Tim Jarman – Hi Fi News UK

“the ia11 gives added dimensions to the music . . . It’s solidly and meticulously built, too, so it looks like it will perform for many tube years to come.  Buy with confidence!” Dean Seislove – Positive Feedback Online

At De Hifiwinkel in Beek-Ubberbergen you can see and listen the Mystere ia11 amplifier. If you don’t have the opportunity to demo the ia 11? Contact Durob Audio HERE.

More information about Mystere products you find HERE


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Sonus faber’s new Snail Project

Sonus faber was founded in 1980 by a group of audiophiles who decided to dedicate themselves to the design and production of a speaker system of superior musical quality.

franco serblinThe originator of this project was Franco Serblin who suggested combining music with his passion for cabinetmaking.

His love for music and wood brought about the creation of the Snail Project, a revolutionary system of Leonardo Da Vinci – like inspiration. Several other audiophiles then expressed a desire to own one of these systems and so a small number of them were produced.

The new style proved very popular and so it was decided to design a speaker that would have the same construction features as the Snail Project.

Now in 2016 Sonus faber has been inspired again by this project and will re-introduce Franco Serblin’s Snail Project as an All-In-One audiosystem. An early version of the new Franco Serblin Project redesign has been shown to me by the current Sonus faber designer Livio Cucuzza. I trust the final design will not disappoint.

Original Franco Serblin designs are still available to audiophiles worldwide by the company Franco Serblin. His KTEMA and ACCORDO speakers are top level quality audio and cabinet designs and inspired again other designers like it has been before. His son-in-law Massimiliano is now fully responsible of Franco’s heritage and is a true dedicated artist in all what he is doing for Franco’s designs and products. Visit his website here:

PS If you would be seriously interested in an original Sonus faber Snail system (serial number #0001), please let us know.  

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7 The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards 2016 for PrimaLuna

Tas Cover








In the latest issue of The Absolute Sound magazine you find the complete list of Editors’ Choice Awards 2016! We are happy & proud to receive 7 Editors’ Choice Awards 2016!

Since the introduction of our PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier it received for the fourth time in a row The Editors’ Choice Award!

Our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier received for the third in a row The Editors’ Choice Award!

Thank you very much The Absolute Sound for these great awards! Their latest issue is now available.

Visit for all information about our products!


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PrimaLuna at the CES 2016!

The PrimaLuna room at CES was playing an animal of a system!  Featuring VPI IndustriesKisekiManley LabsPS AudioSonus faber this room was both a visual and sonic statement!

The Kiseki Blue & Kiseki PurpleHeart NS cartridge (also represented by Kevin Deal and a creation of Herman van den Dungen, founder PrimaLuna) were mounted on the great and beautiful VPI Avenger turntable. This room brought a lot of great vinyl alive in the room. They busted out a vintage Nautilus Half Speed Master of Neil Young Harvest and watching some old hippies rocking back and forth was a joy!

PrimaLuna CES 2016

In our other room we hooked up our “Recommended” PrimaLuna DiaLogue HP Premium Integrated Amplifier with the YG Acoustics Carmel Two loudspeakers.

Showgoers were amazed at the powerful output and dynamics that were achieved by this combination. The system delivered rich tonality, excellent bass slam and a holographic soundstage.

In December 2015 John Atkinson of Stereophile Magzine has reviewed this great combination! Read the full review HERE.

YG Acoustics PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

For us the CES 2016 was a big succes! A lot of people have visited our rooms and they LIKED it! We want to thank Kevin Deal and his great team for making the CES 2016 a big succes and all that he is doing for PrimaLuna in the USA and worldwide. Also we would like to thank our partners during the CES 2016. VPI Industries, Manley, PS Audio and YG Acoustics. Thank you veru much! And last but not least… We thank everybody that have visit our rooms during the CES 2016!

Below you visit the website of the brands that were represented in our room.



VPI Industries 

Manley Labs

PS Audio

YG Acoustics

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