Stereophile’s Recommended Components 2018

Stereophile magazine has published their annual list of “Recommended Components”

We are thankful that two of our products are awarded as “Recommended Component 2018”

PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Poweramplifier

“Using the ProLogue Premium with his Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a minimonitors, HR found that it “made a tight, glorious, extremely communicative partnership—exactly as the LS3/5a forum folk said it would.” He also discovered that the PrimaLuna supplied “the most impactful bass I have yet heard from the KEF [LS50]” speakers, and that the ProLogue Premium driving the Zu Soul Supreme speakers created “a system that sounds as if it should cost at least $21,000, not less than $7000.”






PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Preamplifier

“The ProLogue Premium preamp impressed HR with its “feminine and seductive” sound. Herb observed that the owner of a properly set up ProLogue Premium preamp will enjoy “tangibly luminous presence in every recording you play. Punch and drive should be obvious. . . . Most of all, you should notice [its] liquid transparency.”






KISEKI PurpleHeart N.S.

And last but not least….As most of you all know our company, Durob Audio, is next to PrimaLuna also responsible for KISEKI phono cartridges. We are proud that our KISEKI PurpleHeart NS is awarded as “Recommended Component 2018”






Website PrimaLuna USA :

Website KISEKI:

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Customer Review: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

Good morning Kevin,

I received my PrimaLuna DiaLogue HP integrated amp last Thursday and have
been breaking it in. I had thought it would be good, but also thought that a
lot of the superlatives being thrown around would be hype…

I am SO glad that hype actually does not do this amp justice! Hooked up with
my Sonus faber Guarneri Memento speakers, I have never heard more unforced
detail, all while keeping the overall sound warm, rich and inviting. As I
only have about 100 hours on the unit, I am looking forward to further
break-in and improvements, even if they are subtle. This is one VERY
impressive amp.

I have also sent my ModWright KWI200 to you via UPS Ground. I will get you
the tracking number ASAP. I believe it should be there by the 6th. I hope it
will arrive in good condition.

Thanks for all the help.

Kevin R. Torske

Check out the video of Kevin Deal to learn more about PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier

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Customer Review: PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Poweramplifier

Good morning Kevin,

I’ve had the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP amp burning in for a week now and it is amazing. It is combined with the PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Preamp that you sold me last year.

I am using the 4-ohm connectors to drive Magico S3 and the HP has ample power even in Triode mode.  It defies logic that 40 wpc can drive the S3 and sound so good.  The S3 are power hungry speakers and all the reviews suggest at least 200W of SS power to get the best sound from them.  There is a highly regarded local audio store called Music Lovers and they told me that the S3 can’t be driven with tube amps. Period.  Waste of time to try it.  I called you the next day and bought the PL HP based on your advice and explanations.

Many years ago, there was an audio magazine reviewer who, as part of his evaluation, stood outside his listening room to see if the music sounded real from that vantage point. Over the years, I have done that whenever switching components.  This is the first time that it really does sound like people are singing in my listening room when I am in other parts of the house.  The Magico S3s are part of that equation but the PL are a big part of that equation too.

Mostly, I am tired of switching components in search of the perfect sound. I just want dependable equipment that will last for 20 years and concentrate on enjoying the music. PL delivers that for me.

Bob Pinder

Learn more about our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Poweramplifier through the video below

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PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Poweramplifier – Tube Rolling – KT150

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Poweramplifier – Tube Rolling – KT150

A couple weeks ago we shared on this page the review of Christiaan Punter of about our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Poweramplifier.

One of the statements he made during the review was:

“Apparently, this is one of those rare occasions where a magical match is made. After 20 minutes of playing time (the amp was brand new) involvement was raised to the point where it became hard to walk away.

Christiaan has shared another review about our ( now his ) PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Poweramplifier. He made a comparison between the EL 34 tubes and the KT150 tubes.

The full review you can read with the following link:

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NEW! Review Franco Serblin Accordo loudspeaker by Christiaan Punter – HFA

Perhaps you have recently read the very laudatory review of Christiaan Punter – HFA on our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Poweramplifier read on this blog.

If you missed the review, you can read it out completely. Link:

Over the past few weeks, Christiaan has listened extensively to Franco Serblin’s Accordo and published the review on his website. Among other things, he says:

“Older Sonus Faber favourites can sound great but usually, I find them to sound a little too coarse, too rough, especially in the treble. Current Sonus Fabers are much more refined but somehow I also find that some of the purity and midrange magic of the classic models has gone. The Franco Serblin Accordos manage to strike a perfect balance between these two extremes. They sound fluid and refined but are also hugely communicative and immediately emotionally engaging. They demand a serious investment but reward with a sensuous luxury as well as an incredibly natural sound that I have not heard from any dynamic speakers costing less. By always allowing the listener to focus on the emotional message, not the technical details, they encourage to stop the upgrade process and just enjoy the music.”

You can read the entire review through the following link:

Thank you very much, Christiaan Punter. Very much appreciated.

If you would like to know more about Franco Serblin please visit:

At Dé HifiWinkel Beek – Ubbergen you can “experience” the Franco Serblin Accordo yourself, as well as the Ktema and the Lignea. Email: Telephone: +31 (0)24 684 20 91


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“The soundstage is very wide and timbre very natural, quite a bit more so than with the other amps. ” Christiaan Punter – HFA

“Now for the really ridiculous combination. Believe me or not, but the 36 watt DiaLogue Premium actually drives the Vivids pretty well! It does not have the ultimate bass control of the solid state amps, but it does sound nicely dynamic and punchy, and importantly, emotionally totally convincing. The soundstage is very wide and timbre very natural, quite a bit more so than with the other amps. Ultimately there is not quite enough power to play loud transients in all their splendour, and things do get rounded off here and there when playing more demanding material. The Vivids are not the most difficult speakers out there but still, this is a rather surprising result, given the amp’s moderate power rating and very moderate price. Rather amazingly the Ref 75 SE had a harder time driving the Vivids, sounding more precise, but noticeably rounded off on louder dynamic peaks than the PrimaLuna. A nice, but equally ridiculous combination price-wise might be to use the more powerful PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP with the best Gold Label tubes with these speakers.”

Lees de volledige review van Christiaan Punter – HFA via de volgende link:

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“Stereophile’s Products of 2017 Amplification Component of the Year”

We are extremely proud that our PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Poweramplifier was one of the “finalists” in the category “Stereophile’s Products of 2017 Amplification Component of the Year”. And guess what … we did NOT win and still have a “winner-feeling” 😀

The Boulder Amplifiers 2150 monoblock power amplifier ( $99,000/pair ) has been voted as the winner.

Notes on the Vote: The big Boulder outdistanced the runners-up by a relatively modest number of votes, second place being taken by the class-D Bel Canto e.One REF600M, which charmed both Kal Rubinson and Herb Reichert. But here’s the thing: third place was a four-way tie among three tubed products and one perhaps inspired by thermionic valves: respectively, the Audio Research Reference 6 preamplifier ( $ 14.000,- ), PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium power amplifier ( $ 2.199,-), Shindo Monbrison preamplifier ( $ 12.500,-), and Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier ( $ 9.000,-)

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