New! The Conrad Johnson CA 150 Control Amplifier!

Conrad Johnson CA 150 Control AmplifierThe NEW Conrad Johnson CA 150 Control Amplifier has arrived at Durob Audio!

The CA150 control amplifier represents a distinctly different approach to
high-performance home audio. In many ways it is the ultimate embodiment of our
corporate design philosophy that simple circuits yield best results.

Similar in function to an integrated amplifier, a control amplifier offers the significant potential improvement of eliminating extra connections, external cabling, and inter-device connection considerations that limit conventional audio systems. But the control amplifier also eliminates an entire stage of audio circuitry (the line stage) and its inherent colorations.

The CA150 audio circuit is similar to our highly regarded MF2550 and MF2275
power amplifiers, with fet voltage gain circuit for tube-like transfer function and a high-current bi-polar output stage to achieve a high damping factor with limited negative feedback. The CA150 adds a sophisticated level control circuit that allows for precisely repeatable level and balance settings made in 1.0 dB increments.

Most integrated amplifiers not only forgo the advantage of eliminating redundant
circuits, but also are cheapened by stripping out features and sacrificing parts
quality to offer a low cost entry into a prestigious brand, thereby failing to achieve even the performance gains that could be afforded by integrating preamp and amp into a single package.

By contrast, the CA150 is a full featured control unit with seven line-level inputs including a theater loop, and its circuits incorporate the kind of top quality parts for which conrad-johnson is known. All resistors in the audio circuits and related power supplies are precision metal film types. With the exception of the large power supply reservoir capacitors (which are specially chosen electrolytic capacitors bypassed by polypropylenes), all capacitors in these circuits use polystyrene and polypropylene dielectrics. The over-sized power transformer would not seem out of place in an amplifier with much higher power rating. Even the machined gold-plated connectors have been selected for their sonic-excellence.

The use of carefully selected, high-quality parts enables the CA150 to properly
exploit the dramatic potential of a control amplifier to enhance the immediacy
of musical experience afforded by fine recordings. As a result, the CA150 is
notable for its resolution of subtle dynamic shadings and palpable imaging, for
a natural harmonic tonality, and extraordinary resolution.


Power:135 watts per channel RMS both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20KHz at no more than 1% total harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion.
Small Signal Distortion: less than .1% at mid-band
Sensitivity: 2.0 Volts rms to rated power
Frequency Response (at 10 watts): 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- .5 dB
Hum and Noise: 100 dB below rated power
Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
Phase: speaker output is phase correct, sub-woofer output is phase correct


Dimensions: 14.625″D x 19″W x 4.5″H
Weight: 33 lb.

If you want more information of the NEW Conrad Johnson CA 150 Control Amplifier or other products of Conrad Johnson contact Durob Audio HERE

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Playback_Designs.jpg.648x460_q85Playback Designs is launching a new series of components under the Sonoma name—in reference to the eponymous pro audio DSD workstations—and the first two introductions are the Merlot DAC and the Syrah Music Server.

The Merlot DAC is a state-of-the-art D/A converter with AES/SPDIF/USB/PLink digital inputs that support any sample rate and format up to quad DSD. Its discrete architecture is software upgradeable for future Playback Designs updates. In addition to balanced and unbalanced line-level analog outputs, there’s also a headphone output on the front panel with discrete volume control. An easy-to-use recording software application allows the creation of wave or DFF/DSF files on a computer from digital sources connected to Merlot.

The Syrah Music Server is the companion product to the Merlot DAC. It provides internal storage, but can be connected to external storage and networks. The Syrah supports DLNA streaming, rips CDs automatically from an external drive, and offers extensive metadata capabilities. Able to be controlled via iPad/Android tablets, it supports any file format and native sample rate, and connects to Merlot via USB for native file playback. Also on offer is the “OpBox” modification kit for Oppo players, which allows a direct connection to the Merlot DAC via ST optical cable. This permits digital audio data sourced from any disc (CD, SACD, DVD or Blu-ray) to be transmitted natively via the Oppo’s optical output to Merlot for direct conversion to analog. The conversion is an easy install and can be performed either by a dealer or end user directly.

Durob Audio is the distributor for Playback Designs in the BeNeLux. More news will follow soon! For more information please contact Durob Audio HERE



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The Absolute Sound magazine 2015 EDITORS’ CHOICE: PREAMPLIFIERS

The Absolute magazine have released their 2015 Editors’ Choice Awards in the category PREAMPLIFIER.

We are happy & proud that “The Absolute Sound magazine” awarded the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Three amplifier & Mystere CA 21 amplifier & Conrad Johnson ET3 SE amplifier with the Editors’ Choice Award 2015!

Mystere CA 21

Built like a tank, the CA21 is a fine example of the minimalist approach: a line preamp with an input selector and a volume control, but no balance control. A giant killer in clarity, soundstage transparency, and detail resolution, its slightly closed-in treble highlights the midrange. Tonally, the center of gravity is the lower midrange, enabling a big-tone portrayal of cello and upright bass.

PrimaLuna DiaLogue 3

With its massive toroidal power transformers, this true dual-mono, point-to-point-wired preamplifier is unflappable, reproducing music effortlessly and with wonderful dimensionality even through complex, dynamically challenging musical passages. While it may make many recordings sound better than they should, you can listen to it for hours without any aural fatigue.


Conrad-Johnson ET3 SE

Despite its entry-level status, the ET3SE is a low-distortion, high-resolution line preamplifier that delivers timbral accuracy and phenomenal bass control. The overall presentation is clean, smooth, slightly laid-back, yet highly detailed, with an emphasis on harmonic accuracy. It can certainly hold its own in elitist company.

Durob Audio is the distributor for PrimaLuna – Mystere & Conrad Johnson in the BeNeLux! If you want more information please contact us HERE. Check on the website of The Absolute Sound the full category preamplifiers HERE

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Audia Flight Three S versterker icm Franco Serblin Accordo!


Zoals al eerder gemeld staat de nieuwe Audia Flight Three S bij DE Hifiwinkel te Beek-Ubbergen.

Al heel snel merkte Rob dat deze geintegreerde versterker echt heel erg goed is. De match met o.a. de Franco Serblin Accordo luidsprekers bleek bijzonder. Er kwam een klant luisteren naar diverse systemen. Ook de Italiaanse set werd beluisterd. Zowel Rob als de klant waren zeer onder de indruk.

Ook bij de klant thuis klonk de combinatie geweldig! Hij heeft ‘m dus aangeschaft en …..

De Audia Flight Three S en de Franco Serblin Accordo’s staan inmiddels een week bij hem te spelen. Zijn eerste  ervaring heeft hij in  een kort bericht gedeeld met Rob.

Beste Rob,

De set draait nu ’n week, dus ik dacht misschien leuk om een klein verslag te sturen.

Je had gelijk dat het de eerste dagen leek of het indrukwekkende beeld van de eerste avond minder werd. Het was iets vlakker, minder dynamiek en minder breed.

Ik heb het systeem toen 3-4 dagen 24 uur per dag laten spelen en merk dat het steeds mooier gaat klinken.

Prachtige plaatsing van verschillende instrumenten, veel dynamiek en veel details. Ook het laag is erg fraai, zuiver en loopt diep door. 

Ook bij deze set speelt de opname een cruciale rol. Een mindere opname valt snel door de mand, een mooie komt daarentegen fantastisch tot z’n recht.

Kortom een prachtige combinatie waar ik nu al veel plezier van heb.

Met vriendelijke groet, 


Heeft U interesse om de combinatie Audia Flight Three S & Franco Serblin Accordo te zien en te beluisteren. Bezoek dan De Hifiwinkel te Beek-Ubbergen.

Audia Flight Three S versterker is vanaf 2590,- euro verkrijgbaar!

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Al geruime tijd is Durob Audio importeur van M2Tech in de BeNeLux.

M2Tech is een klein Italiaans bedrijf dat al geruime tijd innovatieve digitale producten op de markt brengt. Daarnaast ontwerpt men ook schakelingen en producten voor andere bedrijven. De producten zijn eenvoudig doch stijlvol afgewerkt en bieden de audio-liefhebber veel plezier en bewezen betrouwbaarheid. In de jaren dat wij M2Tech vertegenwoordigen, hebben wij kunnen constateren dat er weinig apparaten met klachten onze technische dienst zijn gepasseerd!

M2Tech is een bedrijf dat met een kleine groep enthousiaste en deskundige mensen, dat probeert om zich te onderscheiden in kwaliteit, niet in kwantiteit.

Computer-gerelateerde producten vragen vaak extra zorg en tijd om optimaal te kunnen presteren. Op de website van M2tech krijgt U naast een goed beeld van de producten van M2Tech, ook heel wat informatie die U kunt gebruiken bij de installatie van M2Tech, maar ook andere digitale, producten. Bezoek de website HIER.

Mocht U na het bezoek aan de website nog vragen hebben, dan horen we dat graag! Heeft U ervaring met producten van M2Tech die U wilt delen, dan horen wij dat uiteraard ook graag!




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Sound Masters from -now- The Past …

Stan StickerSound Masters from -now- The Past …

This morning I noticed that Stan Ricker passed away. Stan was the man who did a lot of Half Speed Mastering for MFSL. And that was only a part of all his work.

Supertramp 1

I remember the glorious MFSL time we enjoyed so much. The first “unbelief” when I saw an ad for MFSL with Supertramp’s Crime of the Century. Could not belief it. Durob Audio, our company, was kind of monopoly player in the market of “special discs”. Sheffield, Telarc, Century and many other labels. And always we met the comment “nice music, nice quality, but why you don’t have discs with known artists”. Then Mobile’s Supertramp arrived and we got it! Thousands, ten thousands. Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra and many more were following What a nice time.

Doug Sax

sheffield-labs-logoblueWhile reading about Stan Ricker, I noticed also that Doug Sax of Sheffield Lab passed away a few months ago. Didn’t know about that. Sheffield was the first audiophile label we represented in the BeNeLux. Remember … Sheffield’s The Missing Linc … referring to Lincoln Mayorga. I am honest … I hesitated while writing to check if he was still alive … and he is. Around 77 years old now. Thelma Houston’s fantastic I’ve got the music in me …

Great memories. Time goes on, things get better, things get worse. Thanks to people like Stan Ricker, Doug Sax and many others we had good audiophile experiences at that time. Rest in peace.

Acoustic Sounds, famous for their involvement in audiophile recordings wrote:

Sad news for vinyl fans — pioneering mastering engineer Stan Ricker has died. Stan built a name and reputation in the music industry for his work on numerous highly-regarded album releases and reissues, including many albums for Analogue Productions. His loss at age 79, within months of the death of Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab, is a blow to the music world.

Beyond his noteworthy contributions to many historic album releases, Stan was a devoted and strong advocate of the half-speed mastering technique, in which the cutting lathe turns at precisely half the desired playback speed. This gives the cutting head twice the time to cut complex analog grooves into the lacquer — affording greater sonic accuracy.

Stan received a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!) and for more than 40 years followed a career path that involved teaching, performing, conducting, recording, producing, engineering and mastering. Stan Ricker Mastering’s website proclaims proudly: “North America’s Only Dedicated Half-Speed Lacquer Mastering Facility.”

The half-speed mastering process refined by Stan gave rise to high-quality labels such as Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Reference Recordings and Windham Hill. Stan was a technical consultant and mastering engineer for record labels such as Analogue Productions, Columbia Records, Delos, JVC, Mobile Fidelity, MCA, Phillips, Pure Audiophile, RCA, Reference Recordings, Telarc, Telefunken, Warner Brothers and Windham Hill, to name but a few.

Here’s an interview with Stan that published that speaks to his love of music, and career influences:

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Kiseki PurpleHeart NS Moving Coil Phono Cartridge. “The sound of sonic art.” Review By Tom Lyle

Kiseki_Purple_Heart_N_S_sideAfter having finished reading the great review of Steve Hoffman on our Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. cartridge, the PurpleHeart N.S. is reviewed again. This time Tom Lyle of Enjoy The Music has written a great review on our Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. cartridge.

Tom Lyle says:

“The Kiseki PurpleHeart Moving Coil phono cartridge as reviewed here is the best six thousand dollar phono cartridge I’ve ever heard. But the Kiseki PurpleHeart doesn’t cost six thousand dollars, it costs $3299.”

“I hold a unique, long-standing fondness for Coltrane Jazz and when I played The Master’s two-45rpm LPs from ORG (originally released by Atlantic), it was immediately apparent that the Kiseki PurpleHeart NS phono cartridge was allowing me to hear it as never before.”

“I was able to just sit back and enjoy the music” was never truer than when the PurpleHeart was part of my analog playback system.

“One of the best.”

“But all my findings in regard to the superiority of the Kiseki PurpleHeart were confirmed when I re-installed the PurpleHeart.”

We thank Tom Lyle and Enjoy The Music for reviewing our Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. cartridge. Read the full review HERE on the website of Enjoy The

Last year Tom Lyle also reviewed the Kiseki Blue N.S. cartridge. Check the full review HERE.

For more information about Kiseki cartridges check our websites HERE and HERE. 

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