An Epiphany: An illuminating discovery! The PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Integrated Amplifier! Review by Dan Daniell

PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated amplifierLast week we received a great review about our PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier written by Dan Daniell (JDandy) from AudioAfficiando.

Some quotes are:

” Included in this impressive list of features are
premium internal parts like… Alps Blue Velvet..
Solen and Nichicon capacitors… toroidal
transformer… All of these features would be
right at home and expected in a $7,000

”… my attention was captured by the resolution
and clarity in Ronnie’s guitar and how weighty
the deep electric bass sounded”

”I find myself questioning how PrimaLuna can
achieve this performance level from an
integrated amplifier costing only $2299.”

Our PrimaLuna dealer Southporthifi in Australia published the full review on their website. Read the review here

Many thanks to Soutporthifi and Dan Daniell from AudioAfficiando

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Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 11

One day we introduced two new projects. PrimaLuna and Mystère. Both tube based designs. USA was again very successful with these brands and it wasn’t more than logic that Hajime showed us his interest to distribute both PrimaLuna and Mystère as well. Again Hajime was very successful with these brands and Japan was for PrimaLuna and Mystère our best market after USA. Then … all of a sudden a lot of bad luck came on our way. We got the bad news Hajime had a cancer. And although he was very positive, he lost the fight with this strong enemy. Japan was suffering a lot from the bad economy and worldwide crisis. Not to forget the terrible disaster with the tsunami. After that it became a very silent period for us in Japan. We want to change that. That’s why we published about our past contacts in Japan. We hope you liked it and if you have any suggestions for me, let me know. To be continued.




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Kiseki Purpleheart N.O.S. : A.k.a. The Music!

001-Kiseki PurpleHeart N O SLast month we received a great review about our Kiseki PurpleHeart N.O.S. The review has written by Domenico Pizzamiglio of Audio Activity Italy. Domenico, thank you very much!  Please visit the website and the review of Audio activity here

The Kiseki Purpleheart N.O.S. has been limited made and distrubed.

We hope you enjoy reading this review!

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Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 10

光悦と後奇跡、日本はしばらく見えなくなった。オランダで我々 は違うことをやって続けたし、私たちの新しいプロジェクトは、ああ !Tjoeb cd プレーヤー。このチューブ cd プレーヤー非常に少量から成長している米国で特別、非常に人気となった。我々 は日本からの紳士から連絡された 1 日: DotLabo から肇土井氏。私達が学んだ彼は AH を買っていた !米国からの Tjoeb cd プレーヤーそして我々 は彼を私たちから直接購入を示唆します。肇、AH と非常に速く非常に巧妙になった !Tjoeb cd プレーヤーとすぐに彼は米国後市場数 2 をだった。肇は非常に気持が良い男だったし、我々 は彼と素敵な信頼性の高い、安定したビジネスをしていた。継続するのには。

After Koetsue and Kiseki, Japan was out of sight for a while. In The Netherlands we continued to do different things and one of our new projects was the AH! Tjoeb cd player. Growing from very small quantities, this tube cd player became very popular, specially in USA. One day we were contacted by a gentleman from Japan: Mr. Hajime Doi from DotLabo. We learnt he was buying AH! Tjoeb cd players from USA and we suggested him to buy from us direct. Hajime became very fast very successful with the AH! Tjoeb cd players and soon he was market number 2 after USA. Hajime was a very pleasant man and we had a nice, reliable and stable business with him. To be continued.


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A gift from the past! Koetsu cartridges signed by Yoshiaki Sugano

After about 40 years in the audio business I have collected -without really collecting- a lot of audio and audio related material. In fact after all these years a part of our warehouse is like a small audiomuseum. Lot of things, each with their own story. Today some of these hidden treasures we want to share with you here on the blog. 30 years ago we introduced Koetsu cartridges to the European market. I went to visit Yoshiaki Sugano, the man who built the cartridges, several times. The past few weeks I shared my experiences with you through this blog. During one of these visits I received two cartridges as a gift from Mr. Sugano. One for mono and one for 78 rpm discs I think these are UNIQUE Koetsu cartridges. Signed by him and with some personal notes. Now I want to give someone the opportunity to obtain these cartridges. These have never been used and are in excellent condition. I also have 2 other Koetsu Onyx cartridges. Don’t know the condition of these, don’t know the story (if any) behind these. If someone is interested, please make me an offer before we offer them through general public websites like Ebay.

It concerns the following models:

-Koetsu Wood for mono 78 rpm records

-Koetsu Onyx for mono records, personally signed by Y. Sugano

-Koetsu Onyx for stereo records (2 pieces)


If you are interested in these cartridges, please contact us!

With kind regards,

Herman van den Dungen

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Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 9

碧青碧 PurpleHeart ホウ素、PurpleHeart サファイア、黒心可鍛鋳鉄のホウ素、Agaat ほう素、Agaat ルビー後、ラピスラズリ ダイヤモンドが設計されていた。・近藤さん銀有線 MC トランス、OFC MC トランス、トーン アームを再配線用の純粋な銀のケーブルを私に提供します。後で私は私の友人とも日本で作られた碧ゴールド トーン アーム設計。そして今 2014年再び奇跡カートリッジ。奇跡じゃないですか?継続するのには。

After the Kiseki Blue, the Kiseki PurpleHeart Boron, PurpleHeart Sapphire, BlackHeart Boron, Agaat Boron, Agaat Ruby, Lapis Lazuli Diamond were designed. And Mr. Kondo supplied me with Silver wired MC transformers, OFC MC transformers and pure silver cables for rewiring tone-arms. Later on I designed with my friends the Kiseki Gold tone arm which was also made in Japan. And now 2014 we are again making Kiseki cartridges. Isn’t that a MIRACLE? To be continued.

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Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 8

kiseki_blue NOS次のことは、かつてのキッド、光悦黒と競合できた新しいカートリッジ、奇跡ブルー、あったことを市場に納得させることだった。私は市場を納得させる唯一の方法は私の元のクライアント、光悦の販売代理店を説得することに気づいた。だから、最初のバッチを作製し、その間に承認されたサンプルは、例えば、非常に有名なトーンアームを作る際に彼の技術光悦の代理店の一つ、最も彼のアナログ専門のために知られていたものにし、ために送り出された。非常にすぐに私は生産に音質を維持できれば、正規の方法で同じ光悦ブラックなどの価格と供給でそれを提供できるというメッセージを得た後、順番は100個のためにすぐに配置されることになる。まあ、私は私ができる、さらには光悦ブラックよりも低い価格で確認された。彼の意見は他のクライアントや市場のために重要であり、奇跡は、高品質のフォノカートリッジとして受け入れられた。私の古い光悦の販売代理店のいくつかは、また…彼らはそれがあまりにも混乱したと思った、いくつかは、彼らがつもり、それを配布し、言ったように、一部はしなかった、奇跡を配布し始めたが、何年も自分たちの国の外に保つ。 L.しかし、とにかく、私は天にあり、約150〜200を販売することは、月の代わりに30を継続するカートリッジでした。

The next thing was to convince the market that there was a new cartridge, the Kiseki Blue, which could compete with the former Kid, the Koetsu Black. I realized that the only way to convince the market was to convince my former clients, the Koetsu distributors. So a first batch was made and in the meantime the approved sample was sent out to one of the Koetsu distributors, the one who was most known for his analog specialism and for his skills in for example making a very famous tone-arm. Very soon after I got a message that if I could keep up the sound quality in production, could offer it at the same price as the Koetsu Black and supply in a regular way, an order would be placed immediately for 100 pieces. Well, I confirmed I could, and even at a lower price than the Koetsu Black. His opinion was important for the other clients and the market and Kiseki was accepted as a high quality phono cartridge. Some of my old Koetsu distributors, also started to distribute Kiseki, some did not as they thought it was too confusing and some said they were gonna distribute it, but kept it out of their country for years …. :) But anyway, I was in heaven and was selling about 150-200 cartridges a month instead of 30. To be continued.



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