Top Shelf! The PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier!

2-PRIMAluna-PRE-Front-moodyJeff Dorgay of ToneAudio Magazine has written a great review about the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Preamplifier! Thank you!


Some quote’s are:

” The DiaLogue Premium does what tubes do best, providing a dreamy, three dimensional sense of ambiance, giving the listener a healthy dose of “you are there” realism ”

” The DiaLogue Premium preamplifier offers incredible sound and value ”

” Another home run from PrimaLuna! ”

Read the full review HERE

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M2tech announces new OS X YOSEMITE driver for use with Apple computers

m2techhifaceM2tech announces new OS X YOSEMITE driver for use with Apple computers and we are pleased to give you set up information HERE


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Kiseki’s Blue NS moving coil cartridge simply let me enjoy the music! Review by Tom Lyle

Kiseki Blue N.S.

Kiseki Blue N.S.

Last week we published the review of Rene van Es of The Ear magazine about our Kiseki Blue N.S. This week we received a review about our Kiseki Blue N.S. that is written by Tom Lyle of Enjoy The We thank Enjoy The Music en Tom Lyle for this great review!



Some quote’s are:

” I felt as if I was hearing everything that the musicians, producers and engineers had intended me to hear and feel” 

” I’m happy to say that the Blue NS performed admirably throughout” 

” Kiseki’s Blue N.S. moving coil cartridge simply let me enjoy the music ”

Read the full review HERE

For more information about the Kiseki Blue N.S. please visit the website HERE.

Tom Lyle also mention the Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. in his review! Check HERE what Robert H. Levi of Positive Feedback has written about the PurpleHeart N.S.




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Harry Pearson passed away at age of 77

harry_pearsonWednesday November 5. Around 9 o’clock in the evening. I am out for dinner with my best friend. My wife gives me a call and tells me “Harry Pearson died”. The fact she called me should tell you 2 things. First, SHE knew who was Harry Person and second, she knew it was important for ME to be informed about that. Héy, we are both almost 40 years in this High End business.

Harry Pearson -with Gordon Holt- INVENTED High End Audio. You can all read about it in the article written by Michael Fremer: And what does that mean to us at Durob Audio? Well, it meant he got us into it too!

I remember we started Durob Audio in 1975. Gradually we moved up in doing business with different kind of audio equipment. Yes, we started off with things like Teleton. Moved up to Technics, Sony etc. Cartridges, special quality lp’s, IMF, Quad, Dahlquist, Sequerra, Grado. Somewhere on this trip we met a customer who was very heavily involved in the higher ranges of audio. I remember he ordered his IMF Prof Monitor MK??’s from us and I went to deliver with my Mam’s little station car. And what has this to do with the bad news Mr. Harry person passed away? Well …


tas1975This customer, Mr. Hans de Boer, introduced me to The Absolute Sound! He was so gentle to copy a full issue of the magazine and send me the pile of A4 pages which became my High End Bible for many, many nights. Every night I was reading this copy of The Absolute Sound before falling asleep. Not always understanding the words, the meanings, it really became my daily thing, my tool to find new products. If Harry Pearson was positive about a product, you had to be on it as a distributor, as it was immediately HOT. Until the next month he found some flaws and had to correct his opinion … L. Harry Pearson was the leading man for High End Audio and as such he was a leading man for Durob Audio and we are grateful for what he was, for what he did. For us and for the full High End Audio community.

Harry Pearson, Thank you and Rest In Peace.


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NEW! ”Bermuda Audio Tuning” Tube Dampers! Now Available!!

bermuda292x120Durob Audio introduces under the brand name “Bermuda Audio Tuning” a series of new tube dampers for 19 – 22 mm tubes like 12ax and 12au7. The idea is simple: add mass to the tube through a more or less flexible connection made out of heat resistant silicon rings. Each ring is attached to the tube in a so-called “Bermuda-Triangle” configuration. The tube dampers are provided in different combinations:

2 aluminum rings / 1 silicon ring (minimum damping) € 15

Weight: 10,8 grams

Height: 11 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


3 aluminium rings / 2 silicon rings (minimum – average damping) € 20

Weight: 16,9 gram

Height: 22 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


4 aluminum rings / 3 silicon rings (average damping) € 25

Weight: 22,5 gram

Height: 26 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


6 aluminium rings / 5 silicon rings (maximum damping) € 35

Weight: 36,2 gram

Height: 40 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia

The “Bermuda” tube dampers come with 2 versions of the aluminium rings (with low weight variation between each) so you do the maximum fine tuning possible.

The “Bermuda Audio Tuning” tube dampers are available in 2 colors (silver and black) and suitable for all tubes with a diameter of 19 – 22 mm.

Available now in wholesale supply (no retail packaging available yet). Please contact Durob Audio for more information!

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The Krell Vanguard Integrated Amplifier has arrived!

KrellVanguardFront2Last week we have written that the Krell Vanguard will be soon available in the BeNeLux.


One week later we received this great NEW integrated amplifier in our warehouse. Dé Hifiwinkel is the first dealer in the BeNeLux where you can see and listen to the Krell Vanguard Integrated Amplifier! For contactdetails of Dé Hifiwinkel please click here.

For more information also visit the Krell website HERE


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The Kiseki Blue N.S. : Firmly recommended without any hesitation! By René van Es

002KisekiblueNS-mainAgain we received a great review about our Kiseki Blue N.S. This time René van Es of The Ear magazine has written a raving review! We thank René van Es and The Ear magazine for reviewing our Kiseki Blue N.S.



Some quote’s are:

”Regardless of what kind of music you like, the Kiseki Blue NS will handle it with an ease not often found at this price level”

”My formal conclusion can only be that the Kiseki range, brought back to life in an expanding market for vinyl and turntables, is a great addition to that same market”

”After this cartridge had seen enough record sides to be fully run in and expose all its capabilities it became harder and harder to send it back to Durob Audio”

Check the full review of the Kiseki Blue N.S. HERE. For more information of the Kiseki Blue N.S. you visit the Kiseki website. Also you can contact Durob Audio directly!


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