Herman van den Dungen’s connections with Japan Part 1

durobbrieflogovierkant21Durob Audio distributes different high end audio brands in the BeNeLux and in the past Durob Audio was also the European distributor for Koetsu cartridges. The Koetsu cartridges were manufactured by Sugano Yoshiaki. Dave Fletcher (from Sumiko and also designer of The Arm) handled Koetsu business in the US and Durob Audio in Europe; each of us getting around 30 cartridges per month, delivery strictly prepaid. Communication was quite difficult with hands and feet and a German dictionary since Sugano’s daughter only spoke a bit of German next to her native language. That created very funny and expensive situations while I was trying to talk to her over the phone in the middle of the night in German; the first 5 minutes were not much more than Hallo, Hallo, Hallo… until the operator, listening to us, interrupted us to say “this call is going to be damned expensive if you only say Hallo!”. To be continued.

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Absolutely raving review about the Kiseki PurpleHeart N.S. by Robert H. Levi

What better way to start the week than finding out about an absolutely raving review about our latest product The Kiseki PurpleHeart NS cartridge.

PurpleHeart MC Phono Cartridge

as reviewed by Robert H. Levi

Kiseki PurpleHeart N S

A legendary cartridge with a pedigree that spans three continents returns to the marketplace and to audiophiles everywhere, thanks to some fantastic entrepreneurs who believe in the LP! With the brilliant engineering efforts of Herman van den Dungen of PrimaLuna fame in the Netherlands, and the superb marketing and financial efforts of Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio in Upland, California, the Kiseki N.S. (which stands for “new stock”) has been renewed, improved, upgraded, and perfected.

For the full review we refer you to the webpage of Positive Feedback. Click here to read. We hope you enjoy as much as Robert Levi did!

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HP stands for High Power . . . and HeadPhones!

HP stands for High Power . . . and HeadPhones!

It’s easy to get more power from a tube. Run it harder. You will see claims of up as high as 100 watts from a pair of KT120′s. Initially, the customer is happy. More power is better, right? Well … talk to the same customer in a year. PrimaLuna amps are famous for long tube life, running cool, and being absolutely the easiest amplifier to own. What we’ve done is increase the power and output transformer size, added another Adaptive AutoBias board, and all the supporting circuitry required to run eight power tubes instead of four. Doubling the power and increasing bass slam. Customers can use almost any tube on the market. EL34, KT88, KT120 and even KT150’s.

The new headphone amp may be the best you ever heard. Why? It’s running from all the power tubes! An elegant, well designed circuit allows you to switch from speakers to headphone as you wish. Also if you love private listening, this amp will wow you!

020-PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Silve-high resr 022-PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Silver-high res 035-PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier Black-high res

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M2Tech Marley: High-quality headphone amplifier


The M2Tech Marley is a Class A headphone amplifier with the possibility to use 2 main phones simultaneously, which both possess an independent volume control. It is a nice sleek device with an honest, natural sound. According to the magazine Enjoy The Music: “Using a good set of headphones the resulting sound places the Marley in the company of high-end products that aspire to be the best available”.

Durob Audio is the distributor for M2Tech in the Benelux. For contact details visit www.durob.nl

More information about M2Tech you find on www.m2tech.biz

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Micromega very competitively priced!

Micromega is a French top brand that for many years playing in the high-end audio market. The products are high quality and are very high quality finished. Durob Audio has some models in stock that we offer at a very competitive price. It concerns current models. The products are new in box. Are you interested in one of the following products? Please contact us today. Per model there are different colors (Black & Silver) in stock.

The following models we offer:

CD Players

  • Micromega CD-10 player   570,00 euro
  • Micromega CD-20 player   870,00 euro
  • Micromega CD-30 player   1100,00 euro

Integrated amplifiers

  • Micromega IA-60      640,00 euro
  • Micromega IA-100    858,00 euro
  • Micromega IA-180    1150,00 euro
  • Micromega IA-400    2395,00 euro
  • Micromega SA-400   2800,00 euro


  • Micromega PW-250   1072,00 euro
  • Micromega PW-400   1450,00 euro


  • Micromega PA-20      900,00 euro


  • Micromega WM-10    707,00 euro
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Review Kiseki Blue N.S bij Stereoplay.de

kisekiKiseki Blue NS Stereoplay

Kiseki has already won the contest for the most sensational, most beautiful packaging. What you get is a solid round wooden praline. Access only possible with concentrated force. You do really need a screwdriver here. After a short tea ceremony, there is the gem, open and exposing: in a demonstrative blue color. The Mystery called Kiseki Blue NS.

Herman van den Dungen, the man behind the company in the Netherlands, originally wanted only to bring the Blue NOS Series. In the sense of “New Old Stock”: the last remaining material from the 80s was used to create new cartridges. Only one hundred copies came from the hands of the master. The disappointment of the fans who could not get hold of a NOS cartridge was great. Van den Dungen relented and came up with the Blue NS version. NS stands for “New Style”.

Kiseki blue ns

The differences are not only visible for connoisseurs : The NS version is shorter than the original model. Which is an advantage – for mounting in modern tone arms with rather limited space. Van den Dungen has all other construction principles maintained. “But all parts are of today’s production”, he assures us. So no supply problems in case of increased demand. We don’t hide our exuberance – here we are overwhelmed by a perfect, vibrant vinyl sound. This silenced any discussion about warmer, softer, louder; after a brief run in period, we already were living here in a perfect balance between enthusiastic moments of pleasure and a very smart analog naturalness.

A wonderfull open and vibrant vinyl analyst. Half an LP side is sufficient, and Kiseki has played itself into the I-want-to-have -heart. Friendly-charming, even with critical vinyl quality.

Sound : Absolute Top Class

Final conclusion : Very Good

As reported in Stereoplay April 2014 by Andreas Günther

NOTE: The magazine/reviewer thought the Kiseki Blue NS was retailing for € 3,000.-. Only after having gone in print they found it was just under € 2,000.-. So next issue they probably will change the rating to an even higher level

More information about Kiseki you find at www.kiseki-eu.com or www.durob.nl


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Krell S-300i Integrated Stereo amplifier


The S-300i is the first Krell integrated amplifier to feature iPod connectivity and extends the award winning tradition of audiophile grade integrated amplifiers. 

A low profile chassis fronted by an elegantly finished silver Aluminum front panel hints at the potent circuitry hidden within its walls. Small in stature but big in performance, the S-300i integrated amplifier develops 150 W into 8 Ohms and 300 W into 4 Ohms. Employing a massive 750 VA toroidal transformer and 38,000 microfarads of capacitance guarantees huge power capability for maximum dynamic impact. Both balanced and single-ended inputs are provided, and the Theater Throughput™ mode, developed by Krell, simplifies integration into home theater systems. Robust WBT binding posts provide superior loudspeaker cable termination. New for the S-300i is direct connection for all generations of Apple iPods /iPhones with complete control of the iPod functionality via the included remote control. Unique for the category, the S-300i taps audio from the fully differential output included in the internal DACs of iPods/iPhones and maintains this balanced signal throughout the circuitry.

The S-300i features the latest Krell Class A, direct coupled design, and fully balanced preamplifier circuitry for the lowest noise reproduction possible. Krell Current Mode provides unequaled bandwidth for the most revealing playback of today’s high resolution music sources. Direct coupled circuitry eliminates impact-robbing capacitors from the signal path and an elegant, custom-machined level control adjusts volume.

The included solid aluminum remote control replicates all front panel options as well as providing control for a connected iPod/iPhone. RS-232 is also included for inclusion in advanced control systems.



Durob Audio is the exclusive distributor of Krell in the Benelux. If you want to see and listen to this product. Do not hesitate and call Durob Audio

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