Introduction Audio Research Ref 75 Stereo Power Amplifier

Audio Research Ref 75

The Reference 150 amplifier has been quite a success since its introduction a year ago, but some people do not require its power, or it is beyond their budget.

With this in mind, we are pleased to round-out the line and introduce a smaller Reference amplifier that will offer remarkable performance and value at a price that will bring it within reach of many more music lovers. The Reference 75 will start to ship later this month with a suggested retail price of Euro 9,900.00.

The REF75 is a great looking amplifier, slightly reminiscent of our older classic designs. The front panel has two illuminated analog power/bias meters, one for each channel. Under each meter is a knob to switch from power output to bias monitoring for each output tube. Bias adjustment points are accessed from the front panel, too, offering real convenience. The outer dimensions of the REF75 are identical to the REF150. The front panel, handles, and top cover are available in Natural or Black.

Input is balanced XLR only, while the outputs have separate 4- and 8-ohm speaker taps. The REF75 has two 12V triggers (input and output), a meter illumination switch, and a 20A IEC connector on the back panel.

Power output is 75 WPC continuous, based upon a push-pull, fully-balanced circuit (like the REF150), with only one matched pair of KT120 output tubes per channel. The input stage utilizes direct-coupled JFETs with a single 6H30 driver tube per channel. The power supply is robust, the same size as the previous REF110.

Like the REF150, output stage coupling is a combination of “Ultralinear” and Audio Researchʼs patented “partially cathode coupled” topology, yielding bettersound than conventional pentode or triode operation. Because of its modest heat output, cooling fans are not necessary.

The REF75 is a wonderfully refined amplifier with stunning transparency, resolving power, and tonal color. Its effortless dynamics and bass impact belie its power rating and allow it to be paired with the finest full-range speakers. The REF75 plays big and with great finesse.

The purity, immediacy and drive of this new power amplifier are captivating and without peer among the competition. Bringing Reference amplifier performance to this price point will assure the REF75 of being a runaway best seller.

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