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CES 2013 Discussions – CES 2014 Pictures from PrimaLuna USA

CES 2013 discussions (translated from Italian): “I don’t understand why these PrimaLuna  rooms have always such good sound in their demo’s. These speakers sound so much better here. And their rooms are always full of people. People who seems to … Lees verder

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Good Things From The Past Are Coming Back!

In the past we had a great time developing and designing all kind of things related to our biggest hobby: music and hifi. Once we were touched by this virus, it was impossible to stop us. Nice experiences and products … Lees verder

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Dan D’Agostino Integrates – Again!

The integrated Amplifier has always been -at least for me- one of the most common audio pieces you could think of. The “real” thing was the next level up: a seperate pre- and power amplifier. Then … Dan D’Agostino, while … Lees verder

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High End Audio – Audio with a Passion!

There are always many new, excellent audio products entering the market and you see a part of them disappear after some time or live a low level life in the shadow of others. How come? I think that the simple … Lees verder

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